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Replace damaged garage door cables instantly

You have to choose a replacement cable of the same length. Our experts explain that residential garage doors typically use 7-foot or 8-foot cables. Make sure that the replacement cable has the same attachments. You should opt for the thickest possible cable as it will be the strongest too.

Painting your garage door

A lot of people have had the same garage door for years and are interested in giving it a new look without having to replace it altogether. Our experts in Weymouth recommend painting the garage door to give it a new look and feel.

Garage doors are not a place for kids and pets

Your garage doors are not toys so children should not be allowed to play near them. If you have an electronic door opener, you have to make sure that it comes with safety features. If you have a heavy garage door, kids and pets should not be allowed near it when it’s open. Arrange for competent repair service if you notice problems as soon as possible.

Selecting belt and chain drives

There is no formula for this according to our company. Instead you need to understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. For example a chain drive can work well for an industrial complex where you have heavy traffic whereas a belt drive might suit domestic settings with a single user.  Be flexible when selecting.

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